Our store features ready-to-eat foods prepared daily

We have many of your oven-ready favorites – cold prepared salads, sandwiches, fun foods and deserts.

We specialize in old-time quick family meal of barbecue chicken with a family recipe that dates back to the 1950s!
Be sure to try our soup, salad and specialty bars.
Visit our Hershey brand ice cream milkshake machine to pick out and make your own favorite shake.


In addition to multiple traditional salads like potato and macaroni salad, John Herr’s specializes in:

  • Store-made chicken salad, ham salad, pepper cheese salad, tuna salad, turkey ham salad.
  • Egg salad, egg and olive salad, broccoli salad with bacon, and pasta salad.
  • We offer 6 different types of hot soup daily.
  • Quick to pick – your choice of subs, wraps, club sandwiches, made fresh every day.
  • Fresh brewed New England brand coffees, including a variety of K-Cup flavors, hot chocolate, and mocha coffee.